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Monday, 16 November 2015.

General Motors Company is a global vehicle based in Detroit, the United States. It boasts more than 150 countries and more than 10 car brands in 35 countries. These features make the company rich in revenue and asset. General Motors is currently using 22,000 people in its operations around the globe

In addition, the company provides banking and vehicle financing services and provides mortgage loans. These services help him to greatly complement his efforts to complete his activities in the international business arena. General Motors has also been growing since 2010, and it has recorded high profits on the basis of car brand sales and more specifically the Chevrolet brand

The success rate of the company is related to its mission to produce high quality products. It also has competent specialists and a high profitability for the company’s stakeholders. General Motors 2010’s annual report states

General Motors sees technology as a way to satisfy customers ‘ tastes and preferences in order to become a leading automotive tech company with high visibility or brand coverage in the global market, based on annual revenues of $9.2 billion annually

General Motors ‘ market is composed of three main competitors, and they are Honda, Nissan and Ford. These are companies that have a wide range of brands sold on the global market

Nissan is the largest car manufacturing company based in Japan and competes at the global level

It is also a global company that generates revenue of $116.16 billion a year and a profit of $4.13 billion (Nissan, 2012). The announcement of the company’s mission points to a clear determination to enrich the lives of its clients through innovative and valuable products. This is in relation to the price strategy, which is not assessed for its global car brands

The company also has a high market share and is seeking to increase it to 8 percent on the whole glove as well as its global profit. The company’s global strategy is also diverse with General Motors ‘ global strategy, as Nissan is more focused on customer service and is also sensitive to the environmental impact of its products. General Motors is involved in other financial ventures, including mortgages, unlike Nissan, which is a vehicle (Nissan, 2012)

Ford is located in the state of Michigan and has more than 171,000 employees. Besides automobiles, the company is engaged in the automotive industry. Over the years that it has had in the industry, profits and income of the company are decreasing, but still remain high in the amount of $5.664 billion. It works with one team; one goal and one plan, which usually gives a Ford built for the way forward, “-the slogan that runs the company to generate high revenues

Within one of the company’s strategies, Ford continues to use its shares at the global level to compete effectively in the global market. It concentrates on working in the team, rather than on other forms of non-automotive investments like General Motors. Ford also boasts high market shares in the United States (19.5%) and Europe (7.5%). The company’s strategy is to expand the Asian market and other parts of the world (Ford, 2013)

Honda is a Japanese automobile company that also produces motorcycles. Motorbikes has made excellent sales in the market compared to other companies. It is widely lit in automobiles, including power generators, a garden car and water-coupled engines. This is one of the factors that make the company competitive in the global market due to a wide range of goods

More than 180,000 employees work in a company that has a global market of 6.7% and generates $5,000,000 (Honda, 2012)

From the above analysis, it is clear that Nissan is a highly global market share in cars and then Honda and then General Motors. General Motors is at a low level in the market due to the company’s financial crisis in 2009, as other companies remained strong in the market

  • EPS-earnings per share
  • ROA is the asset recovery
  • ROE is the return of equity
  • Profit large and
  • When it comes to global, Honda Company is a serious threat. This is because it is the largest motorcycle manufacturing company and offers a wide range of automobiles as compared to General Motors. Other companies make a greater financial contribution to their strategies and diverse production

    For example, Ford Company has one team, one goal and one company strategy that could be better at the global market (Ford, 2013). The company must also create a wide range of vehicles and diversify its products along with a market strategy that will give it a competitive advantage

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